Family Fun Day! Friend Day!

Family Days!

June 16, Saturday from 10-2 DAD’S DAYDad’s receive 20% off anything they create! while the rest of the family receives 15% off!

July 7, Saturday from 10-2                15% off anything you create!

July 221, Saturday from 10-2                     15% off anything you create!

August 11, Saturday from 10-2                                  15% off anything you create!


Silver is NOT included!

Family Day is available 1-2 times a month.  It is open to any family or friends to come in and create together. Art projects that are included are; canvas painting, wood picture frames, paint your own pottery, clay and glass.  Glass projects include; pendants, sun catchers, night lights, crosses and tiles. Silver in NOT included.  Receive 15% OFF!